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Residents map ideas for city (Dallas Morning News)

February 14, 2005

Dallas residents took a forward-thinking approach to their city on Sunday, using giant maps, stickers and colored tape to create development scenarios for their communities.

By Emily Ramshaw
Dallas Morning News
Monday, February 14, 2005

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The citywide planning party – held at the Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Center and accompanied by a lively youth salsa band and endless tamales – was part of Dallas' $1.4 million comprehensive land-use study.

At Sunday's event, participants spread out over table-sized maps, marking areas they wanted to leave unchanged, then taping over streets they hoped would be central to new retail and redevelopment. They used colored stickers representing downtown, commercial centers, industrial uses and office space to decide where in their communities to put future residents and places of employment.

"This exercise is extremely important," City Council member Veletta Forsythe Lill said. "The technology is available to assist us. There's a great deal of citizen interest. ... We'll begin to see concrete ideas by mid-March."

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