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Report's success hinges on officials (Dallas Morning News)

November 03, 2004

Enforcement will be key to comprehensive plan, experts say

By Emily Ramshaw
Dallas Morning News
Wednesday, November 3, 2004

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When Dallas officials kick off a yearlong land-use study today, they will take the first step toward a modern, comprehensive approach to urban planning. And they will delegate to average citizens the most important task of all: designing scenarios for the city's future...

The first round of public workshops -- scheduled in eight representative communities across the city -- will be held over the next two months. Residents at the work sessions will play a virtual game of SimCity, predicting the evolution of their neighborhoods with plastic game pieces and giant game boards…

... The details of the comprehensive plan should be available for public comment this spring, with a final report and implementation plan due by December 2005.

Even if the consultants produce the perfect plan, elected officials are still going to need the self-discipline to enforce it, said Michael Jung, a member of the city's zoning ordinance advisory committee.

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