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Design Your Own Dallas (Dallas Morning News)

November 01, 2004

Real-life SimCity comes to Big D

Dallas Morning News
November 1, 2004

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...Well, it's time to play SimCity -- Dallas style.

As part of devising a comprehensive citywide master plan, Dallas will hold eight community workshops across the city to solicit ideas about its future.

Those are cheers you're hearing from us, since we've repeatedly chided Dallas officials for failing to put together a master plan for the city's future, an oversight so troublingly illustrated in this newspaper's Dallas at the Tipping Point: a Road Map for Renewal report published earlier this year.

The good news is that these workshops aren't designed as dull forums for urban planners. Rather, they're being billed as hands-on opportunities for residents to suggest ideas for shaping Dallas’s future. That’s good. It's about time that Dallas included real people in its planning process….

...The future is now. Be there.