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Dallas may get better at planning (Dallas Morning News)

January 23, 2005

Development in Dallas could soon be easier and make more sense, too.

By Angela Shah
Dallas Morning News
Wednesday, January 23, 2005

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Development in Dallas could soon be easier and make more sense, too. At least that's the hope of the city's staff, according to development director Theresa O'Donnell. She's leading the city's effort to draw up a comprehensive land-use plan.

Along with outside urban planner John Fregonese, Ms. O'Donnell has spent the last few months collecting public opinion through community workshops and by sifting through polling data.

And she's been speaking to the business and development community.

Right now, she said, the city's planning process is "lengthy and sometimes painful." And, over the years, it's yielded some less-than-desirable decisions: truck stops flanked by neighborhoods, abandoned warehouses with a view of the Trinity River.

A comprehensive plan would identify where basic improvements such as streets, lights and sewers are missing. It could identify fledgling revitalizing neighborhoods that could use a tax increment financing district to be a catalyst for redevelopment.

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