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City decides it's time for a master plan (Dallas Morning News)

November 04, 2004

First step toward redefining Dallas is yearlong land-use study

Dallas Morning News
By Emily Ramshaw
November 4, 2004

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It doesn't take an urban development expert to spot Dallas' planning mistakes.

Swiss Avenue mansions flanked by fast-food restaurants, used-car dealerships and Quick Mart gas stations...

Many of these oversights could have been prevented or repaired, city officials say, if Dallas had a blueprint for its future...

Right now, she said, the city's planning process is "lengthy and sometimes painful." And, over the years, it's yielded some less-than-desirable decisions: truck stops flanked by neighborhoods, abandoned warehouses with a view of the Trinity River.

...Theresa O'Donnell, the city's director of development, said Dallas is the only large city she knows of without such a planning tool. But that's about to change. Elected officials have hired renowned urban planner John Fregonese to spearhead Dallas' comprehensive land-use study -- a report the city is counting on to lead the city from adolescence into adulthood.

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