Forward Dallas Vision – Key Initiatives

Forward Dallas! Vision – Key Initiatives

Dallas School ClassromForward Dallas is an innovative and inclusive plan that has been created for the integrated development of our city. The plan was adopted by the City Council on June 14, 2006 and has been developed with the help of the people of Dallas. The plan presents the strategies to make Dallas a city that has always been in our dreams, a city that is the best place to live, do business, play and shop.

The vision and core values of this plan are created with the help of us Dallasites. Here are the six core values that have formed the foundation of this comprehensive plan –

  1. Access to good education.
  2. Public safety.
  3. Healthy environment.
  4. Job Growth.
  5. Convenient Transportation.
  6. Quality of life.

On the basis of these core values, six initiative steps have been created to accomplish the goals of development. These steps are named as “key initiatives” and they serve as the framework of the policy plan and the implementation plan of this project.

Six Key Initiatives – achieving the ultimate goals of development

Read through to know more about what are the expectations of the citizens, what this plans offers and what will be the final outcome after when the plan will be implemented successfully –

Enhance the economy: The citizens want ample job opportunities and better physical infrastructure, especially in the southern sector where there is much more scope of growth.

Keeping this in focus, the plan has developed strategies to increase investment in Southern Sector. Strengthening Downtown and enhancing core industries are also its key objectives. Forward Dallas incorporates a very unique approach to economic development, which is based upon balancing land use and strategic use of public resources to encourage private investment.

This will make our city a place that offers high standard of living to all types of families. Our city is already an economic engine for the region and the successful implementation of this plan will help enhance the natural environment as well. Then we will be able to cherish the historic built and cultural asset of our beloved homeland.

Quality Dallas HousingMake Quality Housing More Accessible: The citizens came up with the need of quality housing that include better opportunities of home-ownership, more housing choices at different income levels and more housing near jobs.

This key initiative includes all those strategies that answer the needs of city’s assorted population. These strategies aim at providing the residents with more opportunities for senior housing, affordable housing and increased ownership in all population. The plan also focuses on diversifying the housing options so that each and every family (irrespective of their income and race) can get easy access to quality housing.

When these unmet demands will be met our city will become more vibrant and prosperous place that welcomes all with equal respect and warmth.

Create Strong and Healthy Neighborhoods: The culturally and economically diverse population of the city focuses the need of protecting and preserving the existing neighborhoods. We also want equal access to good education, safety and other amenities.
In order to meet these needs, the plan presents strategies to create combined amenities like community centers, parks, sports facilities and improved public schools. To protect the existing neighborhoods, forward Dallas plan stresses the need of steering the growth to those areas where it is needed rather than those which are already stable and established.

This will promote prosperity throughout the city. Our city will become a more equitable and healthier place to live if the residents from all parts get equal access to quality neighborhoods.

Enhance Transportation Systems: Convenient transportation, attractive and safe streets and transit oriented development (TOD) are some of our foremost needs.

Based on these demands of the citizens, forward Dallas has made TOD style of development its key component, which ensures that all residents get suitable transportation options. The plan focuses on increasing jobs and housing options near DART stations so that the public investment (that has already been made) in these areas can be fully leveraged.

The alternative transportation, modern downtown streetcar circulator system and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) will also be introduced. This will provide safe, effective and convenient transportation options throughout the city.

TreesEnsure Environmental Sustainability: Preserving natural assets and protecting air quality, water quality and trees are the major needs of the hour. That’s why we want a healthier natural and urban environment.

This key initiative focuses on identifying and protecting sensitive ecosystems, important natural resources, enhancing open spaces and maintaining cherished views. The strategies have also been made to protect the water quality, improve air quality, promote energy efficiency, increase urban tree canopy and plan more parks. There are some other policies as well that focus on improving storm water management, increasing the absorption capacity of floodplains, lessening the urban heat island effect and reducing pollution.

After the complete execution of these policies, we will definitely get better recreational opportunities and access to quality natural areas.

Encourage New Development Patterns: To facilitate the whole development process and to achieve all that what is envisioned in forward Dallas some new development patterns have been developed. These patterns are known as building blocks.

“Building Blocks” present very inventive ways of arranging housing and employment opportunities. These building blocks incorporate the existing development patterns and new arrangements of neighborhoods, employment areas and community centers.

These patterns will help decrease the use of cars and increase the use of public transit.

Forward Dallas is no doubt a pioneering approach to development of a city. This city-wide and city-led plan focuses on providing the residents with a healthy balance of housing, jobs and shopping. The whole plan is a comprehensive guide that will lead us to a lot more developed city, which will be an ideal place to live and grow.

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