Forward Dallas Comprehensive Plan

As we all know that the plan forward Dallas has been developed with the help  Forward Dallas Comprehensive Planof community leaders and forward thinking Dallasites. It envisages the future Dallas as a city that is filled with distinctive neighborhoods and provides its citizens with a complete range of amenities, which include bustling transit centers, safer parks and outstanding opportunities for employment with an urban and flourishing downtown.  It presents a cohesive vision for Dallas’s future and depicts the dreams and desires of Dallasites about what we want for our community’s future.

We all want our city to grow and flourish. Forward Dallas is to give this growth a direction because the unguided development can never provide the best results; instead it can even harm the already existing qualities and opportunities in our city. This is why the plan forward Dallas, a comprehensive and far-sighted plan, aims to bring all those changes in our city’s commerce and infrastructure, which are good for the residents and their future.

The plan contains all the key elements necessary to define, manage, regulate and monitor a city’s development. The following are its four parts –

A Vision: The vision of forward Dallas plan is a guide for decision making process. It has been crafted with the help of the citizens of Dallas and contains our ideals, ideas and goals for our city’s future. These guiding principles are to help make sound and educated choices to achieve the highest levels of growth and development. Here is how the vision for forward Dallas was crafted –

  • As a first step, the business leaders and residents were asked to contribute and poll about their ideas for the plan.
  • After that, the guiding principles were established by the Advisory Committee that met regularly to review the progress.
  • The citywide and community-based workshops were organized in the city to gather inputs from the citizens on desired future development.
  • Then the maps were created to describe the community input.
  • After that, the situations were created to check what would be the result of a particular step of improvement.
  • Then these scenarios or situations were evaluated in order to determine the best way to position Dallas for its future. This led to the creation of a shared vision, which is now better known as – Forward Dallas.

The vision of forward Dallas planDuring this whole process, the Dallasites stated very clearly what they want to be the foundation for building the vision for the city. Therefore, the six core values have been used in forward Dallas, which form the base of all of its recommendations and proposals. These core values include education, public safety, healthy environment, job growth opportunities, convenient transportation and quality of life.

A Policy Plan: The Policy Plan of forward Dallas is a policy framework that –

  • Founds the main principles to guide actions and policies. These principles have been established on the above mentioned six core values.
  • Sets up a policy framework for the continuing Small Area Planning, which will be used to improve, regulate and implement the vision in due course.
  • Sets up the goals for growth. It also establishes a procedure of public investment and land development through the year 2030.

The Policy Plan has 7 elements – housing, land use, environment, transportation, neighborhoods, economic development and urban design. These elements have been shaped by the following six key initiatives –

  • Make quality hosing more accessible.
  • Ensure environmental sustainability.
  • Enhance transportation systems.
  • Create strong and healthy neighborhoods.
  • Enhance the economy.
  • Encourage new development patterns.

The Policy Plan will be updated every five to ten years.

An Implementation Plan: The Implementation Plan is all about scheduling the goals that have to be accomplished over a period of 5 to 7 years. It also establishes the action plans, which were supposed to be completed within the first 2 years after acceptance of the plan.

Thus it provides comprehensive plans for both citywide and targeted areas and also has the “do now” action items.

The Implementation Plan will be adjusted every year in coordination with bond programs and capital improvement program and in conjunction with the annual budget cycle of the city.

A Monitoring Program: It sets up the benchmarks to evaluate if the goals described in the Policy Plan and vision are being accomplished and provides the city and the residents with an outline to track progress of the plan.

The Monitoring programThis tracking system will accumulate data and track the indicators of key growth in relation to the base year – 2000, milestone year – 2005 and the target year – 2030. These growth indicators include travel time, work and transit ridership.

The Monitoring program classifies those 17 areas that will serve as framework to observe change in different parts of Dallas. It also provides groundwork for periodic targets, annual reports and implementation adjustments.


Thusly, these are the four significantly important parts of Forward Dallas Plan, which make it a comprehensive, intuitive and bold plan.  It provides our city with all those tools that are required to make it a city that provides top-notch opportunities in every field; a place that offers safer neighborhoods, better housing choices, cleaner air, parks, improved traffic, bustling commercial centers and world-class down town. The plan is an all-embracing guide, which directs decision making process and policies of housing, economy, land use, natural resources, transportation and urban design.

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